Saturday, February 06, 2016

jeena seekh liya

ए  ज़िन्दगी हमने अब तुमे जान लिया
तुम्हारे अनकहे शब्दो को सुन लिया
जान लिया जो समा तुम बनती हो
वोह मुझे एक सीख देने की लिए है
हमने भी हर शन की खूबसूरती देखना सीख लिया

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Best Pals

However old we may grow, the way friendships are made remain the same
When we were in school, all I wanted was for our best friend to be with me for ever
Sit next to me, eat together, keep chatting till we really had to stop
as the subjects of conversations never end

The feeling of pride when people notice your friendship and think of you as one
The want to share any joy with that special person and the belief that in case of trouble, one conversation with the friend will put the whole world to its right place
Seriously nothing is more priceless than friendship

Someone for whom in-spite of your flaws, you are priceless
Someone who can withstand your idiosyncrasies and ignore it
Someone who can really give you a dose, when you really need it

Someone who makes the world extra special for you :)

Monday, May 26, 2014

My Trip to US with Mom

I was very apprehensive of getting Mother to US, thinking how she will find it, will she get bored, what will happen if she falls sick etc. etc. 

A close friend of mine, Archana, who was staying with me then, helped me make up my mind and made me plan getting mother to US. Since my work load was going to be less, felt this was the best time.

On another friend's advice, took apartment in a residential complex surrounded by lot of greenery. I saw Houston through fresh set of eyes this time, it never seemed so green before. 

The commute to office was with my dear friend Srimant, it was nice talking on different things in mornings and evenings, mornings we would talk sober stuff listen to devotional songs, in the evening it was either talking about dilemmas in life or listening to filmy music.

Last time when i came, i realized i could not commute much on my own as the public transport was bad. Interestingly this time, i found lot more avenues to do that, making me realize when you think of someones happiness over yours, you sure can move mountains(saying literally only :)).

It was nice visiting the local attractions in Houston and visiting San Antonio. In the trip to San Antonio, we stayed in a hotel which has a small Bistro. We did not like much of the outside food, the Bistro in-charge was a sweet guy, who cater to our requests of things not in menu(milk, toasted bread etc). In the sight seeing day trip, we met lot of other people, who had come to San Antonio to escape the winter, among them were 2 sisters in there late seventies, who came from two different places to just spent time together, was amazed by their spirit to see places even at that age.

On co-commuter, bought coffee for mother and gave it to me, saying its for your mother and say Namaste from my side. This gesture made me realize my misconception that people in other countries are not that warm.  At the hotel, we met an african cab driver, who had stayed in Rajashtan for some time, she spoke bit of Hindi with us and promised us to come back on time to take us to the Mega Bus stop. It felt nice seeing the warmth she bestowed on us, she was thrilled when mother gave her a Bindi packet.

At work, it was nice meeting the clients again Tim and Katie in specific, it was nice working with them again and also see the processes being finalized for development. It was great learning experience seeing agile in action. Near the last month, i was asked to phase out, it was tough not being that active, but felt that's what is the best thing i can do for the project. 

Once the assignment was over, spent time at my cousin's place in L.A. Had a great time with everyone, it felt great part of a big family and being taken care off. Though had been to Disneyland earlier, one can never have enough of it i guess.

We made a short trip to Phoenix to see the Canyon, we went there with a group of 5 women, the guide cum driver was 78 years old, one could never guess his age from his fitness. Sedona was breath taking, was amazed to be there...on our way to Grand Canyon, it started snowing...though we could not see much of Canyon...was happy that mom could experience the snow, it was one of her wishes to see.

The last leg of the journey was in Bay area, it was nice meeting my cousin kids and my grand children. One day we decided to board the hop on hop off bus, it was a journey reaching the union square from the caltrain station. I lost the way and we had to walk a bit before we could finally find a cab. You can really feel lost in US. Thanks to smart phones, i could download a taxi cab app and call a cab. We were too tired to venture out, hence mainly sat on the bus and saw.
My cousin's son took a day off for us and took us to Muir Woods, it was amazing being with nature, nothing more filling and refreshing than that. We all three sat peacefully on the bench, hearing the whispers of nature.

We finally came back to Houston, stayed with my good friends Lalitha and Deepak, would say missed their company even when i was with my relatives.

Thanks to Jagadish and Anitha's sons' birthday, could meet everyone before getting on the flight.

I am grateful to this trip, as it showered so much love and affection. Came back to India with lots and lots of Memories. 

Monday, July 08, 2013

Let Life Touch You

Recently went to Chennai, for me apart from visiting the beaches there is no fond memory of any kind of this place.

This time went to a place called Chrompet to meet a cousin of  mine, my cousin had given me a wrong address by mistake, as a result i was searching the place, very soon people started inquiring and they tried to help them with whatever clues i gave, where does she work etc.
It felt nice, the small colony doing there searches for me :) Finally did meet my cousin and checked in to a hotel.
At the Visa Consulate, met a girl who was behind me in the line, it was interesting to see her concern when i got late in one of the procedures. Some concerns are so heart warming.

As i getting ready to travel, winding stuff at home, a friend of mine offered me help of any kind back home once i was gone. His saying that was enough for me. Had another friend come over to my place to weigh my luggage. My new neighbor suggested we have dinner together on my last day, since it was raining, we ordered pizza and had at home with disposable paper as table.

Had a friend all set to receive me in US. Really feel, what am i complaining about :)

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Happy New Year

Life like  river knows only to flow,On facing obstacles, it knows how to make new routes or overcome the hurdles
In the same way, may we act based on conscious to make new ways
May with each coming year, we grow deeper in wisdom and broader in compassion

Here's to a very happy new year!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012


I like to explore places and experience art
Like to call myself a seeker 
marvelled at what nature reveals to me

Ma, you know my wishes are pure, uncontaminated
but then why u stop me?

i like to walk like a free bird
Why Ma, the world around me tells its not wise to do that?

Why cannot i feel free ma?
Why i am told about does and don't of society

Why is still a girl thought of needing someone to protect her
Be it father, brother, husband or son

I know i can take care of things
Why then this world makes me feel weak sometimes

I dont think we as women have still experienced what is freedom
The world has not considered woman as human yet

Wednesday, December 05, 2012


Listened to "Kholo Kholo" song from Taare Zameen Par movie. The scene where Ishaan realises that his teacher has drawn his painting, his expression says so much. I interpret his emotions as, of all the things, Sir, you thought of drawing me?, ME...Why sir, i am not worthy of it, do i mean so much to you. 

This scene and the scene where Ishaan comes running to hug his teacher, always makes me cry.  Someone who believed in you, when you yourself did not believe in yourself, is the priceless gift bestowed by Almightly.

When i look back and think of this, i think of my Maths tuition teacher who had amazing confidence on me, she used to dream real high for me, her love made me feel top of the world, at a time when i did not  think i was worthy of acheiving anything great. During graduation, my Analysis subject teacher also loved me a lot, her bestowing award which she started in memory of her guide, made me feel really blessed. Remember how i and another girl use to crave for her attention in class :) Who will she look at more while teaching :).

During my career, have found myself on the other side too, and that feeling of seeing someone succeed or just being a witness of the daily good done by the person, makes one really wish with pure heart, Good and nothing else for the person. This feeling is priceless too.